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First, I have a laptop (HP Compaq 8510p) that has an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 2600 series video controller built in and the radeon driver works perfectly here. The display controller on your laptop was correctly identified at PCI bus 3:00.0, and yet the issue I see is with the "Unassigned Class" for a description and "illegal values" for product vendor located at PCI bus 2:00.0.

The fact that you were able to post this means that you are getting some kind of display using the radeon driver, albeit one of the standard VGA modes.

The good news is that the AMD website does have a Catalyst (proprietary) driver for your video controller. The bad news is that it is a whopping 102MB download, and requires the kernel-headers package to be installed for the driver to install as the utility must build a module against the kernel you are using. This means the kernel must be recompiled every time the kernel is upgraded.

Also, the driver package was tested under various distributions including RHEL 6.

SInce Fedora 24 is to be released later this month, I would also recommend waiting until the official release, in which case your issue might be resolved with the upgrade, or you could try the Beta version of Fedora 24, now available for download and see if that works.