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I have had a similar experience, I have been trying live disc OSes. When I allowed a live disc of AntiX to go to sleep, it caused a black screen, after which even the installed OS would not show on the screen. I thought my laptop screen was 'fryed', When I tryed an external monitor I did get a screen. I continued trying live OSes they all only showed on the external monitor, then I tryed a live disc of Fedora, When I looked under the screen settings it showed both screens and their settings, The laptop screen showed that the brightness was turned down to zero.... I simply turned it back up all the way and my laptop is back in business ! SO, when they say there is nothing changed by running a live disc that is apparently not completely accurate ! I am glad it worked out ok, I was ready to toss out my favorite laptop.... BUT ! On another note, I have went back looking for those settings so I could describe it better, (still running a live disc), I cannot get the exact same page back ? Same page but there is no adjustments shown on this page ? ? Good Luck, maybe this will help ?