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Please learn to use the terminal for system administration. Learn file system organization (such as: /boot, / root, /usr, /bin, /opt, /var, /home and all the others) and basic commands (ls, df, mv, tar, dnf, and hundreds of others). Learn to control services with the systemctl command. Begin by using the "man" command, which precedes the command that you want to learn more about, for example, in a terminal, type: "man systemctl" but without the quotation marks. Learn the "init" command. Learn CUPS commands and files to gain control of printers. Learn how to make soft links and hard links. Learn bash scripting, since this is an integral part of Linux. Learn one desktop environment before mastering another and remember that each desktop environment has merits. Learn security and file system integrity administrative techniques. Especially, focus on the productive projects that are meaningful for you. Lastly, share what you learn.

Search the Linux Professional Institute and IBM's Linux documentation in addition to the linuxfoundation websites. There are many good websites and books.

You might find the official Fedora Documentation website additionally helpful and a good place to start: