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Complementing davidva's answer for a Fedora 23 installation:

DRM streaming sites like HBO Go and Amazon require you to have HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) installed. Unfortunately this component was removed long ago from fedora.

You can still install it own your own by running the following commands from the terminal:

First, install pm-utils, one of HAL's package dependencies not available in the fedora repositories.

For a 32-bit installation: wget

For a 64 bit installation:


Second, enable a new software repository

sudo dnf copr enable robotmaxtron/Fakehal

Third, install HAL from the new repository

sudo dnf install fakehal

I've tested it with HBO Go. It runs but the video does not load in HD. Hopefully somebody can shed some light into how to get that to work.

Source for these instructions in spanish: link