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Short answer: No, there isn't. RPM or DNF doesn't know if a package is an application, it's just an archive with some files.

Long answer: It's possible to list files in a package, so you could check if there is a certain file that may indicate the package contains an application -- e.g. if there is a .desktop file or an AppData file or if it installs some executables. But it will be very very slow and there will be false positives (for example plugins) and some applications will be missing (not all have desktop files or appdata).

This "command" will list all packages that have an appdata file (and it will take just two weeks to finish):

for pkg in `rpm -qa` ;do [ `dnf repoquery --list $pkg | sed -n "/.appdata.xml/p" | wc -l` -ne 0 ] && echo $pkg ;done