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You probably don't want to do this. It is not well tested, maybe nobody did that before.

In theory you could enable Fedora 23 repositories by editing /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files, run dnf downgrade carefully and after that run dnf distro-sync. You probably will run into incompatibilities with e.g. systemd and probably will lock up your system.

If you really have to use Fedora 23, I suggest a fresh installation.

Before downgrading to Fedora 23, you might want to try enabling some repositories (updates-testing.repo). Until Fedora 24 is released to the public, most bug fixes won't land in "normal" fedora and updates repositories due to the release process. Please update all your packages and file bugs so the issues you are running into can be fixed. With that you can help Fedora developers to improve it.