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I have a USB 3 docking station from Targus. Everything other than the video ports (one DVI and one HDMI) work fine; sound, mic, USB2 & USB3 ports, Gig networking and power supply. Of course, one of the main reasons I got it was for the video ports (buyer beware - foolishly bought before investigating compatibility).

I tried using the video ports again after upgrading to F23 recently and still not working. To my knowledge DisplayLink are the only company providing chips for video over USB3 and they don't support Linux. DisplayLink are not prepared (apparently), to assist in anyway (e.g. providing API info or documentation) the development of a Linux driver; admittedly I haven't checked their site recently (say, last 6 months) to see if their stance has changed.

Apparently there is minimal support for DisplayLink chips in the Kernel when used with USB2 based docking stations - but I have never tested it.

In my case the Docking station has at least still been useful, albeit expensive given the lack of video support. I only need to plug in three cables to my laptop when I "dock" it - USB3 cable to the station, power and mini DP video cable. Everything else is plugged into the docking station.

Part of the reason I bought it initially was to give me access to two external monitors, my laptop at the time only had one output. Since then I have got a new laptop that has both DP and HDMI outputs, but even better I have two monitors that allow me to daisy-chain them off the one DP 1.2 port - so only one cable required from the laptop to drive two external monitors, and the docking station doesn't have a DP port anyway.