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I recently bought an XPS 13 9350, as well as a D3100 Displaylink dock. I've tried both Fedora and Ubuntu on this machine and Fedora definitely seems to handle the dual monitors better (Ubuntu had some freezing, and also I would occasionally have to reboot entirely to get it to work again when it froze). All the USB ports, HDMI ports, and ethernet ports work for me.

The main problem I've had so far I actually created my own question on here, that I did not have in Ubuntu:

I did need to disable some settings in the BIOS in order for the installation of either OS to find the hard drive:

  • disable secure boot
  • unset the SATA RAID

Once I had fedora 23 installed, the wifi did not work, however simply upgrading to the latest stable kernel 4.4.6, the Wifi started working without issues. (without wifi, I put the kernel rpm's found here: onto a USB, transferred to the laptop, and installed them via rpm -ivh *.rpm)

This was a good resource for me when setting it up: