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Thank you, aeperezt. By right-clicking desktop background a window opens offering, among others, a possibility to change the background image. What is even more important, in the upper left corner of the window there is a button (left angle bracket) which will bring one to system settings or preferences. One of the options there (under Hardware) is Displays. By selecting the primary built-in display and disabling it, the important panels and home folder will be transferred to the secondary VGA display. This is, however, not the perfect solution because the login screen will not show up when rebooting and I still have to log in as blind. Therefore I can not choose which desktop manager (Gnome, Classic Gnome, KDE or Cinnamon) to use. If memory serves me right, I had all of these installed. The crucial thing is I can now use the laptop almost as before and, I can save the /home directory with all its important files to a DVD or a memory stick to be transferred to a new computer.