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Welcome to ask.fedora. Backing up your computer is, of course, very important, and there are many ways to do it. My personal method is to use the program backintime, available from the standard Fedora repositories. It acts as a GUI frontend to the standard Linux program rsync and if your backup media is properly formatted, it uses hard links to represent files that haven't changed since your last backup to save both time and space. Right now, I have a 16 GB flash drive formatted ext4 with 25.6GB of backups and 8.3GB of freespace, representing about two years of sporadic backups. (This doesn't work with the default VFAT format because it doesn't support Linux-style links.)

Currently, I back up my home folder and a few folders elsewhere that also have personal files, but not my system files as it would be easier to re-install from scratch and restore my backup. There are a number of other backup systems, some based on rsync, some not, and I'm sure that others here will be more than happy to give you more suggestions.

Good luck with your new system, and let us know which backup program you select and how it all works out.