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Looks to me like you're running into Bug 1208212.

The issue appears to be corrupt GUID Partition Table (GPT) data on the problematic hard disks you seem to have identified. I'm not sure what your hard disk layout is like, or how easily you will be able to reformat the disks to correct the corrupt GPT information, but that's probably the only way forward. One of the users in the bug report seems to have confirmed that a "full drive reset" resolves the problem. I'm not sure what he means by that, but I'm guessing he reformatted the problematic disks.

Before you start messing around with partition tables, of course, ensure you have current backups of all your important data which resides on the disks you are about to manipulate.

Try booting into Fedora 22 Live Media and using gdisk -l /dev/whatever to inspect your disks and see if you can locate the problematic one(s). The output should inform you if the GPT is corrupted in any way. If you can locate the problematic disk, and confirm this diagnosis thereby, you can probably just exclude that disk from your installation, reformat it (depending on how simple a process that would be for you), or post back here with the output from gdisk -l /dev/whatever so that we can attempt a repair of the busted GPT.