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Like yum before, dnf can pass transaction flags when invoking rpm (although this is not documented, user beware!)

This is done with the *tsflags" option. There would be two approaches:

  • Add tsflags=nodocs to the [main] section of /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. To incidentally install packages with documentation, append --setopt='tsflags=' .
  • Turn off documentation installs explicitly on the comand line, only when you need to. For example, dnf install supernova --setopt='tsflags=nodocs'.

To add or remove pacakged documentation at any time, you can reinstall a package with the flags set accordingly. If you set the flags globally in dnf.conf but decided you really did want manpages for core utilities, you might do dnf reinstall coreutils --setopt='tsflags=' to get them back.

Absence of documentation should never affect the function of a package; if you find otherwise, please file a bug against that package.