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First backup your files.

The gnome "Disks" utility is your friend here:

  1. Create a new linux partition on your new hard drive (Ext4 or something like that)
  2. Create a new partition in your root filesystem like /newhome

    sudo mkdir /newhome

  3. Let it automount with the following settings but change the Mount point to /newhome,HomeMountSettings

  4. Reboot, and make sure that the new partition is mounted in /newhome . There should be a "lost+found" file if you look at the hidden folders (Ctrl+H in Nautilus).
  5. Logout of all users that use the /home directory on your system.
  6. Use a different TTY to log in with root (using the shell). CTRL+ALT+3 should give you a login shell
  7. Log in with root.
  8. Now move the files

    cd /home

    mv -v * /newhome/.

-v allows you to see things spewing on the output, to give you piece of mind that things are actually getting moved. 9. Now your home directory should be empty. Make sure with

ls -lah /home
  1. Unmount newhome

    umount /newhome

  2. Now edit /etc/fstab to make newhome mount in the home directory

    nano /etc/fstab

  3. Mount the new home partition

    mount /home

  4. Check that your files are there

    ls -lah /home

  5. Success. Logout of the root shell. Log in to your graphical interface with CTRL+ALT+F1 enjoy having a new home partition