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  • Question 1: The command line should be close to dracut --mount /dev/sdXY -t vfat.
  • Question 2: try exit
  • Luks passphrase : during the Fedora installation, by selecting your data partition, the encryption applies only to this space (not the whole disk). There is no workaround to force luks (except brutforce).
  • During the boot sequence, press the key to change the boot order. By selecting EFI HDD, Windows should be back. And try the USB legacy to boot from the live-cd.

A good dracut documentation is available here :

Why did you install Fedora with Bios ? You own a recent computer. Usually Windows 8.x runs on EFI. Fedora 64bits works well with EFI too. It wasn't the case of Linux distros few years ago (the tutorial you mentioned was relevant).

I suggest you to don't wast time and reinstall in EFI mode without encryption, apparently you don't need. You don't have data to recover or a system fully configured. It should be a good bet.