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Rails packager here. We do package all dependencies, but Bundler will still try to fetch the newest ones. The solution is to skip the bundle by running rails new app --skip-bundle. You can then create a Gemfile.lock file with bundle --local. That will succeed only if you install the other packages as well:

dnf install rubygem-{rails,sqlite3,coffee-rails,sass-rails,uglifier,jquery-rails,turbolinks,jbuilder,therubyracer,sdoc,spring,byebug,web-console}

If you need a newer version of any component, you need to lock the packaged versions yourself and then you can run bundle command as normal. Also note that on Fedora 22 dnf sometimes installs JRuby instead of MRI. Unfortunately JRuby is not ready yet to be used on Fedora so in that case install ruby package yourself.