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Thanks for your help.

The answer you provided was much simpler than I expected. )))

I successfully tested end to end, using Wireshark to verify the encrypted transmission...

The answer is to simply merge your server.crt and server.key files into one server.pem file, then upload the server.pem file to the destination printer. (Note that this method is used to enable TLS encryption)

Then when you create your printer, use the "encryption=required" for TLS printing. ("encryption=always" is used for SSL printing.)

Works like a charm.

Note that the printers I chose to use are the Lexmark 410 series, as they have the lowest price point of any low end, commercial grade, workgroup printers... And, for the price, they had the best specs also...

The 410 series printers are SSL, TLS and IPSec capable...

Having said that, I was not able to figure out how to use the IPSec capabilities... But, the SSL and TLS are both working as intended... (Once I got the TLS working, I really did not spend any more time on the IPSec.)

Thanks again for your help, and have a great week.