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The dnf developers made an implementation decision not to "show their work" by emitting "Processing" lines, which they claim is a feature.

In this closed Fedora bug from 2013-12-19, Ales Kozumplik makes the following assertion:

Yum shows these 'Processing Dependency' lines but they do more confusion than good. I'll document this properly so people know we don't do it on purpose.

(By which he means, "we purposely don't do it".)

The "more confusion than good" argument — a personal-opinion/bias sounding claim (IMHO) which is never justified or even furnished with any supporting evidence — I find extremely dubious, as it directly contradicts my own 10+ years of Fedora package management experience and observations.

I can think of several scenarios (including the one in your question) where yum's "Processing..." lines are quite useful, for practical reasons (not mere "user curiosity"). And although I'm sure at least one instance of someone, somewhere being confused by them has occurred throughout yum's history, the idea that this is a common problem, or one which outweighs their usefulness, is very much [citation needed].

However, multiple requests (see the same bug) to reconsider that decision, or at least provide some rationale for it, have been ignored.