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If you are looking to download Fedora image that you can install on Amazon EC2 or Openstack, then they are available for free on Fedora website:

Fedora provides ready-to-run cloud images for each supported Fedora release. These are available in Amazon EC2 and for direct download. The downloadable images are available in compressed raw image format and in qcow2 for immediate use with OpenStack. The images are configured with cloud-init, and so will take advantage of ec2-compatible metadata services for provisioning ssh keys.

But if you need an existing cloud environment with Fedora 19 for free, then I am not aware of any provider to do so. But if you are ready to have RHEL, which is based on Fedora:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or RHEL) is a commercially supported derivative of Fedora tailored to meet the requirements of enterprise customers. It is a commercial product from Red Hat which also sponsors Fedora as a community project. Fedora is upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux but there are several other Derived distributions available too.

Then, Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) may be suitable to you. It is called Openshift, and has a free plan of 3 gears with 512MB RAM and 1GB storage.