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I lost 3 days trying to figure out how to make Red Hat 6.5 boot properly after installation. Apparently this is an issue related to Lenovo BIOS in many motherboards. Here goes how i solved it:

- Boot to any Live media and then mount the boot partition;

- Inside this partition there is one only folder, named [EFI]. Inside [EFI] folder, a subfolder named [REDHAT], containing the files [grub.conf] and [grub.efi]. Probably in Fedora this subfolder is named [FEDORA];

- On [EFI] folder you should duplicate the subfolder, whatever it is, and then rename this copy as [BOOT];
Now, inside the newly renamed [BOOT] folder you should rename the files to [Bootx64.conf] and [Bootx64.efi];

- Unmount the partition and try to boot to your system now.