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The existing answers are great answers in general, and answer the question: do I use the latest (N), second latest (N-1), or third latest (N-2). I think we all agree that the third latest (N-2=18) is not really an option because it is EOL.

But specifically for Fedora 19 and 20, I would go with Fedora 20.

Fedora improves at a rapid rate, and this means it includes features that are not quite "done", though they have been stabilized enough to rely on. The Anaconda rewrite debuted in Fedora 18, which is a good thing in the long term, but caused pain for many people. It's much better in Fedora 19. There's usually something exciting (and aggressive) in each release, which is why I like Fedora, but you will find the experience more smooth (boring) if you stick with releases that did not introduce major changes (in the areas that affect you).

For me, I look at the changes. In F20, I think the riskiest change is the elimination of rsyslog. Which isn't a huge deal for me. In F19, I think the riskiest changes in firewalld and systemd, which are both core packages that affect a lot. Still, not too bad, but somehow eliminating rsyslog is something I can deal with (packages now need to use journald?), while firewalld and systemd are still not second-nature yet.

I'm anticipating bigger changes in F21, because it will have a long dev cycle. Hence I'll probably stick with F20 until F22 lands.

Hope you found this helpful!