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Disclosure: I use Gnome Shell (3.10) and haven't used KDE in a while.

Speaking from personal experience, I found that the laptops that had common features were the ones that were better supported. For example, if you have a special graphics card, you will definitely have more trouble using your computer compared to someone with a more run of the mill graphics cards.

The Yoga 2 Pro has multiple modes that devs will not have been able to test. Honestly, I don't know how many linux devs have convertible laptop/tablets. I would be pleasantly surprised if F20 would support Yoga 2 Pro's features.

The other point to consider, is the HIDPI features of both these laptops. I don't think Gnome 3.10 (in F20) supports HIDPI just yet but it is in the works, hopefully 3.12 will.

Finally Gnome Shell is pretty far from being usable with a touch display. Many features only work when you hover over them, and many icons are small.

Honestly, both those laptops are very appealing, I just don't think you will have a good "out of the box" experience with either since the touch/mutliple modes in a common laptop are still relatively new (the linux world is typically a few years behind implementing some of the flashier GUI features).