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Temporary work-a-round worked! I installed a PCI EVGA GeForce6200 Video card and when I boot from the bootloader menu, I get my login and desktop(just as I suspected). This connection was a change from SVGA to DVI, so apparently Fedora 20 does not support SVGA monitor inputs or is there something more to this? If anyone has more information I would like to hear from you. My original plan was to use the box as a file server with a small, 17" Acer monitor which has a SVGA input which I can connect to my Supermicro MoBrd SVGA output, thus no need to install a Video card and suck up more resources including power. Is there a way to check for SVGA support in Fedora 20? Can I change the display setting so my Acer SVGA input works? Thanks for any advice.