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I swear, I fought this for over a day, and it's not until I decide to start posting things that I find solutions. Sorry to be having conversations with myself, but maybe someone will come along and find this useful!

Anyway, the solution to my problem is related to bug 715415 in fedora's bugzilla. Basically my USB drive containing the DVD install had an error where the files in /repodata were missing their file extensions. The original poster in bug 715415 had this problem because 7zip was truncating names; I had this problem because it is how the fedora live-usb creation tool did things. I went through and manually renamed each file in the repodata directory to have the extensions indicated in repomd.xml, and now both of my problems with the DVD install medium have vanished. I can both use the install medium as a repository, and I can actually install a fresh OS from it as well.