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A bit more details would be helpful (used Fedora version, your networking setup). Assuming you're on a recent version, i.e. having firewalld and firewall-config, and that it's the firewall on your machine that's the culprit (rather than some other router), try this:

  1. Open firewall-config (that's "Firewall" in the desktop menus I believe).
  2. Type in the requested password (your own or that of the root user, depending on if your user is configured as an administrator or not).
  3. Select Permanent from the Configuration drop-down.
  4. Go to the Services tab, select the transmission-client service.
  5. Click on Add, add 65432 as the port, leave tcp as the protocol and click OK.
  6. Here it may again ask for the password.
  7. In ZonesServices enable the transmission-client service for your network zone (the default zone is shown in the lower right of the window).
  8. OptionsReload firewalld to make the changes effective.