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If you can boot to a command line and log in as root then you can fix this. From the command line you need to remove the nvidia drivers - with 'yum remove kmod-nvidia'. Double-check that no xorg.conf files have been left hanging around in /etc/X11 then reboot.

It is possible that that your video card isn't in the batch supported by the latest nvidia drivers. It might help to visit the nVidia website and work through the 'download drivers' until it tells you which package matches your video chipset. Then go back to yum and see if there is a kmod-nvidia-... package that matches and install it.

If the latest drivers are what is needed, then you might have to uninstall or disable the nouveau driver before it'll work correctly. Also there is an nvidia configuration tool you can run, which might help it select the right driver and pick the correct screen resolution.