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first of all you have to download the Source-Archive. You go to and download there the Release-Archive

After that, extract the archive somewhere in your Homefolder. For example /home/myusername/projects/

Now change to this directory /home/myusername/projects/linuxdcpp-1.0.0/ and compile. This projects uses the SCons Buildsystem. If not already happend you have to install this program from the Package Manager su -c 'yum install scons'. Now you can compile the program with $ scons

First, the build system checks if all necessary development packages are installed. For example, i had to install the boost-devel package. If you run there into a problem you can search for the needed package with yum. $ yum search boost. Now you can see several packages and there should be a somewhere a devel package. Now you can install this package und test the compile procedure again. If all is ok it compiles linuxdcpp and after that you can start this program with $ ./linuxdcpp. If you want to use it systemwide you have to install it in your /usr folder with scons install. I dont know which prefix he use because i dont tested this.