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Which version of python3-tools were you using?

Note that "python" in Fedora means Python 2; running

python /usr/lib/python3.2/idlelib/

is erroneous, since it's attempting to run Python 3 code with the Python 2 interpreter. There are enough differences between the versions of Python that there's no guarantee that that Python 3 script is even syntactically valid Python 2 code.

To run IDLE for Python 3, python3-tools provides a /usr/bin/idle3.2 for Python 3.2 (or 3.3 for Fedora 18 onwards). This has the content:


from idlelib.PyShell import main
if __name__ == '__main__':

though you shouldn't need to know that; it's packaged as part of the rpm.

So you should simply run:

$ idle3.2

and it should have just worked.

Should there be a "/usr/bin/idle3" as well?

Hope this is helpful