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I recommend to use zenity or yad

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Yad (yet another dialog) is a fork of Zenity with many improvements, such as custom buttons, additional dialogs, pop-up menu in notification icon and more.

How to install yad?

su -c 'yum -y install yad'

Some examples with zenity (you can replace zenity for yad, and work)

Dowload bar


wget -c 2>&1 | sed -u 's/.*\ \([0-9]\+%\)\ \+\([0-9.]\+\ [KMB\/s]\+\)$/\1\n# Downloading \2/' | zenity --progress --title="Descargando archivo..."


wget -c 2>&1 | sed -u 's/.*\ \([0-9]\+%\)\ \+\([0-9.]\+\ [KMB\/s]\+\)$/\1\n# Downloading \2/' | yad --progress --title="Descargando archivo..."