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You need to locate where the space is going and the most likely place to find that information is in your logs. Coincidentally that is also the place where you might find the files draining your disk drive of space. From a term type:

            du -h /var/log

If you find this file contains more then 20-30Meg type in the subdirectory that has the excessively large files or the /var/log itself:

            ls -lh  /var/log

Once you have found your problem file you need to find out what error is causing the problem so don't just delete it right away. If it is still growing type:

            tail -f  /var/log/(The big file)

or tail -50 /var/log (The Big File)

This will help narrow down the problem also if the /var/log directory doesn't hold the problem do:

               du -h /opt

And check back with the results