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I have solved this problem myself, but post the solution here because I did not find it elsewhere.

After logging in, the screen goes black. This would evidently be terminal screen #2. It is possible to switch between terminal screens as, CTRL+ALT+F1 takes the user to terminal screen #1 CTRL+ALT+F2 takes the user to terminal screen #2 Both terminal screens 1 and 2 are graphical and couldn't solve this problem. CTRL+ALT+F3 takes the user to a command line screen #3. Screen #3 is waiting for the sudo password, and so on this screen it is possible to enter the password and continue the progression of the boot into the graphical shell. However, I was able to stay in the terminal screen #3 and navigate to /home/vm and run the vi editor to change .bash_profile I deleted the troublesome lines from .bash_profile (type ':x' to exit saving changes and ':q' to exit discarding changes). The system now boots fine.