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Latest update - today at Five PM, I could hear my hard drive maxed out, spinning uncontrollably. I tried to log in, out of xscreensaver, blank screen (uses very little system resources). The login prompt never appeared. The system continued to be maxed out FOR THE NEXT HOUR! At Six PM, I had to hard boot the system. This is completely out of control and should never happen. There are times I need immediate access to the information on this system and cannot have this happening. Several times during this hour I tried to CTRL+ALT+F3, but nothing. It never came up. Just blank screen, hard drive out of control.

I love Fedora. Have been with it since Core 1. I do not want to have to switch operating systems, but this is unacceptable. Please, suggest something. If I cannot get this fixed, I am going to have to ditch Fedora.