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Please forgive the delay. I have tried several times to CTRL+ALT+F3 and log in as root. Problem is, the system will not let anything happen when it locks up. By the time I can finally log in as root, there is nothing out of the ordinary. System lock up happened while I was typing this - GKRELLM froze the clock (11:04 14 for the last six minutes), CPU and hard drive monitors maxed - the hard drive was run at anywhere from 40 - 75 MB per second (mostly read, only some write) when this happens.

Back to CTRL+ALT+F3 - last time I was able to do it, it showed: 10:32:12 up 1 day. 11:57, 1 user, load average: 0.58, 2.62, 2.04 Tasks: 233 total, 2 running, 175 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie, Mem: 4032940 total, 282352 free, 3334396 used, 416192 buff/cache, swap: 4177916 total, 2128120 free, 2049796 used, 779396 avail Mem

Typically, I have the following things open/running in the system: Firefox, latest edition (anywhere from 3 to 15 tabs open) - mostly text based websites without animation or scripts running; Evolution; GKRELLM; Gnome System Monitor; a terminal window; several LibreOffice documents; Telegram - a chat program (note: this has been going on long before the install of Telegram); one to three windows of Eye of Gnome (picture viewer) and on a semi regular basis these items may be open: Tor and xmms.

System froze again here, while writing this. Only locked up for four minutes this time. Fortunately, I have not had to hard boot it in a bit.

Obviously, having the computer inaccessible for large portions of time while I need to be using it is not acceptable. To me, it seems as if the system is writing a log of everything that has happened since the last time it went through the process, but I have no proof of that. Is this possible? If so, can I turn it off so the computer can be used without interruption?