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I would suggest to give static ip allocation for that if you can, as it would solve lots of headaches. You can set the ip as fixed in dhcp server, and still benefit from dhcp ( ie, be able to use your computers on other lan without touching to their configuration ). The server will just give the same ip each time, thus solving your problem.

If you can't or do not want for some reason, another solution is to have a dynamic dns integration with dhcp, this documentation should help you : This however requires more setup than the first documentation, and depending on your network, it may not be doable nor a good idea.

A third option would be to look for multicast dns, using nss_mdns, and zeroconf/bonjour pack from apple on windows side. This permit to use <hostname>.local to contact computer on the local network. This requires to open port 5353 on your fedora box firewall, and do the same on windows.

One last option would be to use WINS for resolution. But I am not that familiar with it, and do not know if newer Windows version still support it. So I would not recommend this, unless you know what you are doing.