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I've got the same problem. The computer just stoppped responding although youtube continued to play. I turned the machine off and then on again, and I got the same message Cannot open access to console,the root account is locked.

I used a livecd usb and was able to access all my files ok, but the weird thing is that I then installed fedora from the livecd/usb, keeping my home partition without formatting it, and when I restarted I got the same message.

I am guessing that it is either a root sector virus or an update that is affecting my machine because it is not uefi, simply the old bios. If it were ubuntu I could use lilo or mbr to reinstall the mbr but fedora doesn't include any of those programs. So, since I have a windows install dual boot, I'm going to try fudging that on to the mbr, and then using the windows boot loader to load linux, to see if it is a grub issue.

I hope this doesn't continue. I'm getting a new drive for this machine soon anyway, as it is using an old style drive, which really slows things down. It will be much better with the SSD that I've just ordered. Curious situation though.