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Really bad timing. And no backup of important files? Double bad.

It's in emergency mode because something during startup failed. We'd need to see logs to find out why startup is failing before knowing how to fix it. Complicating things, there's no root password set by default which means we can't get past the emergency mode login. If you're comfortable with the command line and just want to get past the login, I suggest going through the steps in the first section How to reset the root password in Rescue Mode After rebooting from that, you'll probably still be at emergency mode, but you'll be able to login. If you're lucky, there'll be a file /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt for you to copy to a USB stick and then attach it to the thread or put it in something like Google drive. If there isn't an rdsosreport.txt file, journalctl > /tmp/journal.txt should include enough information, copy that to a USB stick and post it.

You may also get some help on #fedora channel,