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Try echo eclipse* (and compare to echo python*, and you may understand what is going on.

I guess (but am quite sure) that the pattern python* does not match any of your files in the current directory, whereas eclipse* does (and transmits the matches rather than the starred expression).


cd $(mktemp -d) # create empty temporary directory
echo regexpattern* # will issue regexpattern*
touch regexpattern_match
echo regexpattern* # will issue regexpattern_match
touch regexpattern_anothermatch
echo regexpattern* # will issue regexpattern_match AND regexpattern_anothermatch

The preservation of an unmatched pattern in a shell argument is a Bourne Shell specific pitfall, which is not present in C-Shells (as far as I know them), which always moans about unmatched patterns and needs "escaping" like eclipse\*, which is also a solution to your problem here. (dnf list eclipse\*)