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I am going to delete gnome-keyring, evolution, and all of the gnome packages that I can. I'll switch to a client I have used in the past which keeps email in a normal, UNIX-portable format and I'll let the browsers keep site passwords. I'll use i3 for now, it looks good. If it doesn't work out for me I'll go back to fluxbox which I have been using since around Y2K.

I think Linux needs to get back to simplicity rather than trying to be aLl yOuR Pc iS bELonG 2 uS

The way this works makes it hard to move data around and builds dependencies on a lot of code and a lot of layers of code and it is way out of hand. When I wanted to copy my email client to another box I had to drag many more files and directories than I should have just to get evolution working. I did not want all the browser passwords and all the other stuff copied. But the way keyring works, all the data is in one blob. That's wrong.

I have an OpenBSD server running right now serving dlna, https, and Samba. It has 34 tasks. My Fedora 28 Workstation desktop box which is just used for email and web browsing has 248 tasks. This is just inexcusable and I hope people who care enough can work towards resolving it.