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Normally you need to install apache:

sudo dnf install httpd

start your apache service with:

sudo systemctl start httpd

Verify it is running with

sudo systemctl status httpd

You should get some output letting you know it is working.

To enable it to restart on reboot or turn on do

sudo systemctl enable httpd

then you need to open the firewall so it accept http and https connections

sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=http
sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=https

if you want those changes to be permanent you need to add --permanent to those command lines.

Then you could test using your browser on localhost and you should get Fedora apache page, if you want to test from another computer on the same network, you need to know your machine ip and access http://your-machine-ip.

By default all web content should be in /var/www/html/ so if you place your page in that folder you should start accessing it.

if you cannot access your machine with a browser from other machine on the same network verify your firewall settings with

firewall-cmd --list-services

it should show http and https services, if there is other device or you want to access your pc from outside your network, then you need to proper configure your firewall device for that.

Good Luck