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So this question ended up being more about the /oldroot issue than firewalld. No answers or suggestions were given regarding firewalld. Here's what i've found out though.

Regarding /oldroot, which noone seems to know about i've found this. Apparently (correct me if i'm wrong) during shutdown, dracut loads the initramfs image, pivots to this system and then unmounts /oldroot (the actual os root). So /oldroot is actually always there during shutdown.

As it turned out, everything was caused by firewalld. Disabling firewalld completely solves the problem. It simply CAN'T be the intended behavior that a misbehaving service should prevent the system from shutting down cleanly. But I don't know where to start reporting this as a bug.

Now I need to figure out what the issue with firewalld is, as i don't want to run without it. But i will open a seperate issue for that. Just wanted to report my findings in case anyone else is struggling and is puzzled about /oldroot.