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If your running Fedora 27 and above, this ran proper for me :-)

[user@thunderbolt ~]$ tracker reset -r
CAUTION: This process may irreversibly delete data.
Although most content indexed by Tracker can be safely reindexed, it can’t be assured that this is the case for all data. Be aware that you may be incurring in a data loss situation, proceed at your own risk.

Are you sure you want to proceed? [y|N]: y
Found 3 PIDs…
  Killed process 14676 — “tracker-miner-apps”
  Killed process 14694 — “tracker-store”
  Killed process 14712 — “tracker-miner-fs”
Setting database locations
Checking database directories exist
Checking database version
Checking whether database files exist
Removing all database/storage files
  Removing database:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/meta.db'
  Removing db-locale file:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/db-locale.txt'
  Removing journal:'/home/user/.local/share/tracker/data/tracker-store.journal'
  Removing db-version file:'/home/user/.cache/tracker/db-version.txt'
[user@thunderbolt ~]$