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After reading the guide-lines, I am adding the answer here below:

Summarizing and concluding. The issue I was seeing is caused by running BestCrypt Volume Encryption on my Windows system, the software changes the default way Windows boot works and then obviously breaks whatever Fedora assumes. Jetico (BCVE) does not provide a Linux version, so I'll be switching to VeraCrypt (ported to all relevant systems). I've already installed VeraCrypt on Fedora, but I'll hold of till version 1.23 comes out (which has now, 13.09.2018, been released) as the release notes show many fixes and improvements, particularly in the area of EFI boot matters.

Fast-forward: I've uninstalled (removed) Jetico's BestCrypt Volume Encryption (from Windows) and much to my surprise, doing just that, restored everything into working order, Grub is fully functional. I did now also install VeraCrypt 1.23 on both Windows and Fedora and this software package preserves the dual-boot, no more issues, whatsoever. There is the obvious advantage that now I can encrypt/decrypt and mount the same (encrypted) disk, both in Windows and in Fedora. I thought this was useful information, id. the update.