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Hi, FCC ID:TE7T4UV2 points to second revision (V2) of TP-Link Archer T4U, here you'll find more information about the adapter:

What you need to get it running is driver for RTL8812AU chip from e.g. this repo: v5.2.20 seems the most reasonable for now, it's patched for newer kernels and more stable than v5.3.4 (marked as WIP).


Install prerequisites:

sudo dnf install make automake gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers bc elfutils-libelf-devel dkms

Download driver to some directory where you keep sources, e.g. ~/source (create it first if you don't have it yet):

mkdir ~/source && cd $_
git clone -b v5.2.20
cd rtl8812au

Install driver:

sudo sh

Load driver:

sudo modprobe 88XXau


From time to time update your driver:

cd ~/source/rtl8812au
git pull

If git pull doesn't update anything, you don't need to continue, since there were no updates.

sudo sh
sudo sh
sudo modprobe 88XXau