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So I learned my lesson the hard way 1.Just wait for Fedora to notify you that you have updates available and not rush things and install them your self. 2.Do not try uninstalling duplicates which just will result in all or most of the other packages being deleted as well. That'a a no no. But looks like if I had a newer package I would not need the duplicate. So best to leave the duplicates alone if you can. But in this case after the terminal would run to check disk, it would delete all duplicates then tell me that I had 12 duplicates left and I needed to uninstall them manually. Now, I'm doing a memory test with the install Live Fedora 16 Beta disk, that I used to install Fedora 16 Beta before. After a few memory test(Memtest86 v4.20) I'm going to hit(c)Configuration. I then hit 9 for restart and that seem to have gotten rid of many errors than I had before. Now I'm going to try ESC for Reboot and see what happens. Ok, didn't work. (No Problem) So now i'm going to try to clean everything off (Format) like I did before using just a Fedora 15 Live BOOT disk, not an install tho, then install Fedora 16 fresh again. It now reads Dropping to debug shell. sh: can't access tty; job control turned off. dracut:/#. I typed in blkid it now reads /dev/sda1: UUID="69665472-4214-4301-907d-bbd9992db4b3" TYPE="ext4" the next is /dev/sda2: UUID="MXbfNz-VFwx-Qzj5-8ob7-N8IB-7fsY-LUwB69" TYPE="LVM2_member then drops me back to the shell dracut:/# What to do? What to do?