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My typical process for finding what is taking space is the following:

cd / #change to the root of the filesystem 
du -sxh * #calculate the size of the top level folders including all the contents below

Once that completes it will look something like this:

11M  bin
44M  boot
4.0K    cgroup
0   dev
52M etc
68G home
397M    lib
31M lib64
16K lost+found 
0   media
12K mnt
281M    opt
0   proc
123M    root
19M run
20M sbin
8.0K    selinux
4.0K    srv
0   sys
192K    tmp

After that you can see what directory is claiming all of the space. When you find the culprit you can cd in to that directory and issue the same commands to find the exact files.