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No sorry if you misunderstood. Tell me how can I rectify my post ? (by editing I know but which part)

I was saying that I'm using now for a few days only fedora on a bare metal host. Previously I only used in VMs such as qubes. So I never encountered the kind of problems I'm describing now.
That's what I was saying. So my problem here occurs on a bare metal host .

So I have looked at journalctl several times (with which I have another problem too actually but I will do another question for that) but nothing seems transcendent. Can I paste it here? I will try to edit as much as I can to delete the sensitive information.

I'm going to try with xorg yes. And if the problem occurs, I will reinstall I think since I've seen there is no more step to remove or add intel or nouveau graphic driver besides modprobe since everything seems to be centralized now. I will put my configuration in my original post too.