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Today, I tried tty terminal to upgrade.

I entered my user name, then immediately I started to type my password. Since it is new password I set it just few days due to decryption my previous password, it is not sticky in my memory & for that I entered it incorrectly. I received message "incorrect password" then field to re-enter user name re-appeared. Here I entered my user name, then field of password appeared, & I started to re-type my password. Here is the issue: BEFORE end of 60 seconds while I'm typing password, field of password disappeared & field to re-enter user name appeared ! I was lucky, because my eyes were alternatively shift from & to terminal to detect any error, so I stopped from typing my password & by this not decrypt it as in previous history.

I indestigate this & found the following (not bug but system setting):

The default 60 seconds for typing of password of account will divided over attempts for that till end of total 60 seconds, before you receive 2nd 60 seconds !

If you enter your user name (for 1st time) system started to countdown 60 seconds. If you entered password incorrectly within let we say 20 seconds (counting from click enter for user name), then you will have ONLY 40 seconds to BOTH re-enter user name again then password (this mean you will have less than 60 seconds to enter account password for 2nd trail !)

To avoid the above scenario, you have - if you enter password incorrectly in 1st trail - you have to wait till remaining 60 seconds to end. At end of remaining of 60 seconds (counting for 60 seconds from time of click enter for user name for 1st time), tty terminal reset as it was opened for 1st time (all characters of previous 1st trail will disappear from screen). Now you will see prompt to enter user name (at top of screen without previous attempts above it). Now you will get FULL 60 seconds to enter password (counting from click enter for user name).

I used a timer to examine this behaviour.

I'm sure it is system configuration & not a bug. But it is annoying if you use very complex long password ! I want to change this behavior making "infinite" time for typing password. Any help please ?

@sideburns can you help further ? You are expert with Linux. Do you know how to: - make tty terminal wait for infinite time for typing password or, - at lest increase this time for 2 minutes or, - NOT to divide it over attempts that done before end of default time (I mean if I failed from 1st attempt & try again before end of default 60 second, then it will give me FULL 60 seconds not less than 60 seconds). This seem the best solution - if possible.