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NVIDIA of course is a well-known manufacturer of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). Most personal computers have some kind of GPU which is then involved producing the graphics you see on screen. In order for the operating system to work with a specific kind of GPU, you need drivers that need to be suitable both for the GPU and the operating system. For use of GPUs made by NVIDIA on Fedora, there are two easily available sets of drivers:

  • Drivers made by NVIDIA, often just called nvidia. These are available free of charge to users, but they are not FOSS (Free, Open-Source Software).
  • Drivers made by the free software community, called nouveau

As far as I know, only one of these drivers can be active at any time.

Since Fedora has a focus on providing free software, the nouveau driver is what is included and used by default. The nvidia driver can provide better performance and more features. This driver can be installed by users who need either of those. If the default setup seems to work good enough, though, it is not necessary to switch drivers.