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No, Fedora 27 xfce spin 64 bit was working fine until after the update! First of all, I thought it was my fault, but finally realised that it had to be the update. I have tried reinstalling xfce etc. all to no avail. As soon as Fedora 28 came out, I did a DNF upgrade to release=28 but it did not cure the problem.

So I downloaded a copy of the Fedora 28 iso and installed it, but didn't like the new changes made to the program. So I installed a fresh clean copy of Fedora 27 xfce spin 64 bit from iso. Finally, a result. Everything worked correctly.

Last night I did an update, and this morning it's all gone to hell again. I believe it's a problem with the latest kernel and xfce.. But cannot find out what?

Also I don't know how to go back in time and reverse the updates.. :(