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You are looking for the traditional text log files in /var/log, and they are gone?

Here's an explanation on what's going on:

You are running a systemd-based OS where traditional syslog has been replaced with the Journal. The journal stores the same (and more) information as classic syslog. To make use of the journal and access the collected log data simply invoke "journalctl", which will output the logs in the identical text-based format the syslog files in /var/log used to be. For further details, please refer to journalctl(1).

Alternatively, consider installing one of the traditional syslog implementations available for your distribution, which will generate the classic log files for you. Syslog implementations such as syslog-ng or rsyslog may be installed side-by-side with the journal and will continue to function the way they always did.

Thank you!

Further reading: man:journalctl(1) man:systemd-journald.service(8) man:journald.conf(5)