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I use a lot of TCP/IP messages between my applications.

The software has worked flawlessly for a decade.

I had to stop using Wayland because under these conditions,

(1) The mouse gets stuck , otherwise jumps all over the screen , or can't close dialogues, find window edges, etc. (2) The keyboard repeats - making it impossible to locate the cursor between multiple cut and paste repeats.

Ie: The user interface is completely broken under wayland. The bug reports say this is due to a heavily loaded machine. And is due to the compositor not servicing interrupts because it is busy.

Which is true. And a design flaw if I understand it correctly.

Where I part with the bug reports is that these effects are said to occur on a heavily loaded machine.

No more heavily loaded than the past decade is my answer.

%100 misery under wayland

The best I can compare the keyboard to is an X.25 connection that once linked my keyboard in Jersey to a mainframe in Boston in 1993. That X-25 keyboard was slow enough to be press and wait typing. Wayland is wait longer. And.
Plus it repeats keystrokes. Making the major tasks fighting with the mouse and correcting keyboard edits. Cut and paste being the worst cases.

I've gone back to X11. Luckily. It is still supported. Because Wayland is %100 unusable for me..